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If you love animals, buy Animal cookies litxtracts online. Our family loves the exotic pets that are available in our local stores, and we want to show our friends how much we care. This is the perfect way to show our friends that we have a sense of humor, and that we support their favorite hobbies and activities. We can’t all visit the Petting Zoo in our area each week. When we can make homemade cookie dough with the cutest ingredients in our own kitchens, we will feel more confident about showing our friends where we get our favorite treats, and they will feel special too.

Making homemade cookie dough is a lot of fun and it allows us to use the special ingredients that our friends have sent us as well. The Petting Zoo doesn’t offer any of these special ingredients, but we can use our imaginations to come up with wonderful ways to show our friends that we care. If we didn’t buy cookies, what would our friends think about our lack of culinary skills? They would probably think we were uncaring and not providing any enjoyment for them.

If you buy animal cookies litxtracts online, you can mix or buy plain, flavorless, organic ingredients that will be great additions to homemade cookie dough. This includes wheat, oats, nuts, eggs, molasses, coconut, rice, sesame, spice, and many other favorite ingredients. When mixing your own ingredients, just add them to a mixing bowl, and start mixing. You don’t need a mixer, but it helps to create a more uniform batter and makes the finished cookies soft and chewy. You don’t have to use the sugar-free powdered sugar with our homemade cookie dough either.

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If you know how to bake cookies using regular flour, then you don’t have to buy animal ingredients. You can use regular flour and just substitute vegetable shortening, molasses or honey for the animal ingredients. That way, you get the same delicious taste from your homemade cookie dough. If you don’t have a food processor, you can use your blender or a food processor to chop up your ingredients. When mixing your ingredients in a bowl, make sure and mix all of your ingredients thoroughly until they are completely blended.

Once you have your dough ingredients blended, then you just need to put the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix them together very gently. The end result is a very smooth batter that cooks quickly and is perfectly chewy. It may take you a few tries to get this right, so don’t be discouraged. If you mess up the batter, just start over and work your way through a batch. You’ll find that after you get the process down, that you usually end up making better tasting cookies than you did when you first started.

Now, if you decide to buy Litxtracts because you love animals, I’m telling you now that you’ve made a great choice. These cookies taste just like a regular cookie, but they’re made without any gluten, sugar or hydrogenated oils. As an added bonus, they won’t increase your cholesterol either. If you buy these cookies, I promise you’ll come back for more and you’ll start seeing some changes in your health too.